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What We Collect

Neighboring Rights

Neighboring Rights are the rights of the owner or exclusive licensee of the sound recording (e.g., artist, record label or distributor) to publicly perform or broadcast a sound recording (e.g., broadcast on the radio or TV, or played live in a bar or a concert) and collect royalties in connection with these public performances of the sound recording.  Neighboring Rights vary country by country.

Want to know more about royalties

Delivery Sheet Submission

If you have bulk content you need administering, download our Music Publishing’s split sheet which you can use on an ongoing basis to deliver the information for compositions you control a share of and wish to add to your Publishing Administration agreement.  

After downloading the form, please fill out as completely as you can. This will allow us to register your catalogue thoroughly in all territories and ultimately collect your royalties quicker. You can refer to the ‘Example Tab’ within the spreadsheet for tips on how to find or provide your information. 

Who We Collect Royalties From
  • Pandora

  • BBC radio

  • Sirius XM

  • Cable TV music channels

  • Radio outside of the US

  • ​Background music in restaurants, retailers, hotels, etc.

  • Clubs / live performance venues

  • Internet radio platform

  • Satellite radio platform

  • Various new online medias

  • TV Music Networks

  • Video Games Syncs

  • Commercial Syncs

  • Film Syncs

  • TV Show Syncs

  • Advertisement Syncs



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